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“Who doesn’t respect and value his past, is not worth the honour of the present, and has no right to a future.”

Marshal Józef Piłsudski


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“Reduta Dobrego Imienia” – The Polish League Against Defamation Foundation was established to initiate and support actions aimed at correcting false information about the history of Poland, especially the course of World War II, the participation of Poles in it, the attitude of Poles in relation to Jews, and about German concentration camps. In addition, “Reduta’s” goal is to promote knowledge of Polish history and culture as well as modern day Poland. “Reduta” also aims to counteract racism and xenophobia, regardless of their origin, directed against the citizens of the Republic of Poland.

These goals can be achieved by various means, but the most important of them is active opposition against slanderers, whose attacks have clearly multiplied over the past year, evidence of this is the whole matter of the German slander against Poland’s Home Army in the German tv production “Unsere Muetter, unsere Vaeter“. “Reduta” will not rest in its efforts to defend Poland’s good name wherever the situation requires it. At the same time, we call on the Government of the Republic of Poland to defend the dignity of the nation, defiled abroad (and, increasingly, unfortunately in our own country). We will support those activities of the Government of the Republic of Poland that in our opinion go in the right direction, and criticize and identify those that we regard as harmful.

Poles, scattered all over the world, are a great, underestimated potential. “Reduta” will use the Polonia’s wisdom and contacts, so that the slanderers of our nation can be effectively prosecuted. The help of our Polonia is invaluable.

At first, “Reduta” operated under the aegis of a Patriotic Society – the Jan Pietrzak Foundation. During its first year of activity, it developed to such a degree, that it could act independently. Mr. Jan Pietrzak is on the Board of “Reduta Dobrego Imienia” – The Polish League Against Defamation Foundation.


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