Important Victory for RDI! Hans G. Found Guilty of Defamation, Issuing Death Threats!

December 13, 2019
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December 13, 2019 Reduta Dobrego Imienia

Important Victory for RDI! Hans G. Found Guilty of Defamation, Issuing Death Threats!

Today, the Regional Court in Wejherowo reached a verdict in the criminal case against Hans G, in which RDI supported the plaintiff with financial and legal aid, helping to initiate court proceedings. The court found Hans G. guilty of defaming Natalia Nitek Płażyńska as well as threatening her with death! The judge sentenced Hans G. to 8 months on probation and a 20,000 PLN fine. In addition to the 20,000 PLN fine, Hans G. has been ordered to pay around 10,000 PLN in damages. Hans G. has further been ordered to cover 50,000 PLN in trial expenses. This is not the only case RDI is currently involved in, and we provide legal assistance in another criminal case.

After the verdict was announced, Natalia Nitek-Płażyńska wrote: “I won against a German Nazi in front of a criminal court! Hans G. has been found guilty of defaming me because of my nationality as well as of making death threats. Among other things, he said that he would kill Poles while pretending to shoot a gun.  I have already written on here that I will not allow us to be defamed, and I have kept my word.” The court ruled that Hans G. had violated Article 216, Paragraph 1 of the Polish Criminal Code.

While working for the Pomeranian company POS System, Natalia Nitek-Płażyńska was verbally harassed by its owner Hans G. over a period of several months. At the company, she had managed various projects at the company between June 2015 and January 2016. Hans G. harassed her based on her personal and national background, and frequently used hateful phrases reminiscent of German occupation of Poland between 1939 and 1945, in which millions of Poles were murdered. Among others, Hans G. referred to Poland and the Poles as “shit”, “idiots”, “I hate these idiots”, “idiot Polak”, “suckers”, “better is Africa”, “fucking stupid country”, “should I stand them on the wall [sic!; pretends to fire a gun] Kill them? I wanted, I want! No problem for me! I would kill every Pole, scheißegal!” At the same time, he personally told Natalia Nitek-Płażyńska that he “would put you in line with PiS and shoot you” as well as things like “you are stupid because you listen to Kaczyński,” “fucking pisior,” or “crazy fascist.”

Previously, on the 11th of February 2019, the District Court in Gdańsk had reached a verdict in a civil case against Hans G., ordering him to apologize to Natalia Nitek-Płażyńska in the newspaper “Gazeta Polska” and the television channel “Telewizja Republika”. In addition, Hans G. was obliged to donate 50,000 PLN to the Piaśnica Museum in Wejherowo. The presiding judge Piotr Kowalski justified his decision on the grounds of the historical roots of German racial prejudice and feelings of superiority, which were evident in the behavior of Hans G. RDI was a joint plaintiff in this case and assisted Natalia Nitek-Płażynska, providing legal and financial assistance.

This case confirms that defending the dignity of Poles against defamation is a fruitful endeavor and that the legal strategy endorsed by RDI is being vindicated by the courts!

Thank you very much for your support. Without your support and generosity, we would not be here!