“Reduta Dobrego Imienia” addresses a bailiff in the case of Joanna Senyszyn

March 11, 2020
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March 11, 2020 Reduta Dobrego Imienia

“Reduta Dobrego Imienia” addresses a bailiff in the case of Joanna Senyszyn

The Association of Families of the “Żołnierze Wyklęci”(the Cursed Soldiers) and members of the families of the “Żołnierze Niezłomni”(the Steadfast Soldiers), supported by “Reduta Dobrego Imienia”, in April 2019 filed a lawsuit against Joanna Senyszyn, for violation of personal rights. Unfortunately, the defendant did not accept the claim, therefore it is now necessary to involve the bailiff. “Reduta” asked the bailiff to deliver the lawsuit to Joanna Senyszyn. We hope that this time the Member of Parliament will receive the lawsuit and appear in court.


The accusation relates to false, damaging opinions about the Cursed Soldiers posted by a former MP on social media. Family members of the Cursed Soldiers demand that the defendant remove the entries, post an apology on her Twitter profile, and pays compensation of PLN 100,000. PLN to the Association.

The filed lawsuit concerns 13 posts, posted in the last 4 years by Joanna Senyszyn on her Twitter profile. Each of these entries has received wide coverage in the national media. In the last post, published on March 1 this year, on the National Day of Remembrance of the Cursed Soldiers, Joanna Senyszyn insulted the memory, activity and honor of the Cursed Soldiers in particularly sharp words. The former MP wrote: “The Cursed were not soldiers, but gangs of social outcasts, good for nothing and frustrated, waiting for WWIII. They murdered 5,000 civilians, including 187 children, plundered, raped, tortured and intimidated Poles who were rebuilding the country. Their day of rememberance is an open mockery of Polish citizens. It will be banned.” It is worth adding that, Senyszyn social media is followed by over 20 thousand people.

– Joanna Senyszyn has repeatedly insulted the memory of the Cursed Soldiers – people who often devoted their lives to fighting for an independent Poland. That is why, “ Redoubt Dobrego Imienia “ as an organization, supports the Association of Cursed Soldier’s Families in order to prevent such lies from being spread. Joanna Senyszyn’s opinions expressed publicly are harmful not only to the family members of these soldiers, but also, to all Poles. Such behavior is both shameful and unacceptable. We must do everything to defend the good name of these heroes, said Maciej Świrski, President of “Reduta Dobrego Imienia” the Polish League Against Defamation.

The Cursed Soldiers were a 120-180 thousand strong, anti-communist partisan movement, fighting for an independent Poland after the end of WWII. They were also the called the Steadfast or Banished Soldiers, they resisted the Sovietization of Poland and its subordination to the USSR, they fought the USSR security services and the services in Poland subordinated to them, controlled by the Communists. The movement operated at the end and immediately after World War II, in the years 1944 – 1963, when the last of the soldiers was killed.