Statement by “ Reduta Dobrego Imienia” regarding the alleged obtaining of funding from the “Narodowy Institut Wolnosci”

Statement by “ Reduta Dobrego Imienia”  regarding the alleged obtaining of funding from the “Narodowy Institut Wolnosci”(the National Freedom Institute).

At the end of April, the National Freedom Institute announced the results of a competition for funding under the so-called capital. On May 4, 2021 the TV station ,TVN 24 informed about the results of the competition and the beneficiaries of the project, the information can be found at the link: power-5084733

The authors of the above-mentioned  publication indicate ( 3:03 minutes of the video) that the “Reduta Dobrego Imienia “Foundation, as part of the financing for 2021, is a beneficiary and received a grant from the National Freedom Institute. This information is false and misleads the public.

The National Freedom Institute is a valuable institution that supports civic society, but “Reduta Dobrego Imienia” has neither applied for nor received funding under the PROO project (Program for the Development of Civic Organizations) – Edition 2021 from the National Freedom Institute – emphasizes Maciej Świrski, President of “Reduta Dobrego Imienia”.

The list of grant beneficiaries from the National  Freedom Institute can be found at:ńycznej-%e2 % 80% 93-downloadable.pdf

According to the information on the above-mentioned site the list of beneficiaries does not include the “Reduta Dobrego Imienia” Foundation.


Letter to New Yorker

Letter from Reduta Dobrego Imienia to New Yorker editors in reference to article “The Historians Under Attack for Exploring Poland’s Role in the Holocaust”.

We are writing to express our shock that such an esteemed literary publication as New Yorker published an article by Masha Geseen entitled The Historians Under Attack for Exploring Poland’s Role in the Holocaust. There are many theses in this article that we could dispute. For example, the characterization of the court case in question in itself is a misrepresentation. The author ties this case to seeming desire by the Polish government to criminalize scholarly endeavors. Nothing is further from the truth. This case was a civil suit brought up by Filomena Leszczynski for an erroneous and extremely harmful portrayal of her family’s actions during World War II that has caused great disrepute to the prestige of her family. Professor Engelking herself admitted that this portrayal was made in error and that she did not correctly identify the members of Malinowski family that took part in the actions she described. Masha Geseen, however, mischaracterizes this case to take to a level that is almost sinister in nature and very far from reality. We could also discuss in detail errors made by professors Gross and Grabowski, whose work Masha Geseencites as evidence for her viciously anti-Polish arguments, that have been brought to attention by several notable scholars of the period. At this time, we are going to focus on what we believe are two most shocking arguments made in the article: comparison made by the author of events in Poland to what goes on in Russia and the truly scandalous libel of virtually the entire Polish nation made in the subtitle of the article.

The “defamation-by-proxy approach” argument made by Masha Geseen that tries to tie the Leszczynski case somehow to developments in Russia with Alexei Navalny is nothing else than an attempt to stand the reality on its head. Masha Geseensomehow tries to use this opportunity to paint the current Polish government is the same light as the Putin regime. Nothing can be further from the truth. There probably is no other government currently in Europe that is more wary of the villainous nature of the current regime in Kremlin. The current Polish government consistently brings to light examples of continuous Russian aggression that threaten the stability of the region and the world. It consistently stands together with its neighbors and allies to oppose the annexation of Crimea, attacks on Georgia or support for the rebels in Ukraine. It works vigorously to counter Russian hybrid warfare and constantly pushes strongly its NATO allies to take a strong stand against Russian aggression. We will not even get into the still unresolved issues regarding the circumstances of the April 2010 crash that killed president Kaczynski together with many other members of the Polish political and military elite. We fear that arguments Masha Gessen makes align with Kremlin’ attempts to re-write the history of the World War II. Kremlin for years has used its information machine to put the blame for World War II on Poland in order to hide its own culpability for the beginning of the war and its alliance with Nazi Germany to invade Poland in September 1939 that werethe ultimate cause for the death and destruction that war brought. It continuously uses its propaganda machine to hide crimes such as mass murder of Polish army officers in April of 1940. Now, it seems, it found an author that adds to this misinformation campaign by willingly fabricating an analogy that absolutely does not hold water in order to further attack Poland and help Russia spread its lies.

​The most shocking, however, is the subtitle of the article that states: “To exonerate the nation of the murders of three million Jews, the Polish government will go as far as to prosecute scholars for defamation.” This is nothing less than a scandalous libel of an entire Polish nation. It is so scandalous because even if we where to accept the most outrageous arguments about Polish culpability for participation in the murder and denunciation of Jews, no one has gone as far as to claim that the entire Polish nation was culpable in murder of three million Jews. Even the most fantastic figures provided by professors Gross, Grabowski, or Engelking , do not go that far.  By suggesting that Poles were at fault for deaths of three million Jews this argument does nothing less than re-write the history of the entire war. It basically removes any blame from Nazi German invaders and the Soviet Union and puts it completely on backs of Poles. It is a very sick revision of history that blames the nation that was one of the main victims of the Nazi and Soviet aggression for crimes committed by the invaders. We want to remind the author of the article and the editors of New Yorker that the war began with invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany on September 1, 1939, that the independence of Poland was ended when it was stabbed in the back by the Soviet invasion on September 17, 1939 in which the Stalin regime fulfilled the agreement it made with the Nazi Germany in the Molotov-Ribbentrop Act. We would like to remind the author and the editors that of October 1939 Poland seized to exist as an independent state and its territory was incorporated directly into Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union or became part of German administered General Government territory. The crimes of Holocaust were perpetuated by Nazi German administration. We would like to remind the author and the editors that six million Polish citizens were murder during the war, according to current accounts almost 2.7 million of these victims were ethnic Poles. During the war the Polish territory was occupied, German officials committed gross crimes against Jews, ethnic Poles and other citizens of the multiethnic pre-war Polish Republic. Polish economy and society were devastated by the war. It took decades to rebuild.

The evil of this Masha Geseen’s articles lies in the fact that it accuses the Poles of revision of history, when itself the author distorts its history in a most fantastic way to push a completely false and libelous vision of history. A subtitle suggesting that the Polish nation is responsible for the death of three million Jews is nothing less than a shocking libel. We do not whether that this was the invention of the author or of the editors, but we earnestly hope that the editorial staff of the New Yorker will recognize its error in putting this article forward and will remove it from the public sphere. We cannot believe that the editors of the New Yorker have become so anti-Polish that are willing to help perpetrators re-write history in order to place the blame on the victims.

To end let us quote David Harris, the CEO of the American Jewish Committee- “defamatory subtitle in @New Yorker piece by @mashagessen: ‘to exonerate the nation of the murders of three million Jews, the Polish government will go as far as prosecute…’ Germany- and Germany alone – was responsible for the Nazi death camps, from Auschwitz to Treblinka…”


Reduta Dobrego Imienia

The Polish League Against Defamation


Maciej Świrski

Member Jacek Szklarski


The hearing in the first trial against the creator of the “LGBT-Free Zones” disinformation campaign is behind us.


The first trial against the creator of the “LGBT-Free Zones” disinformation campaign, Bart Staszewski, began today. It is noteworthy that this is the first of the lawsuits brought in this case.
In addition to the Tuszów Narodowy commune, which took action against Staszewski in court today, Polish League Against Defamation also supports the Zakrzówek and Niebylec commune in their fight against Bart Staszewski’s untruthful “campaign.”

A closed-door preliminary hearing was held with the participation of the parties during today’s (08/03/21) trial in the Regional Court in Tarnobrzeg.
During the hearing (defendant Bart Staszewski was absent), the court gave the parties’ attorneys 21 days to designate a mediator for the case. If the mediator is not presented by the parties, the court will appoint one. Court proceedings will be initiated If no agreement is reached with the mediator.

As we have already reported, Bart Staszewski is the creator behind the disinformation campaign that involved placing fake “LGBT-Free Zone” road signs under authentic road signs with the names of towns where the local governments have adopted pro-family declarations. The campaign, organized and implemented by Bart Staszewski, has a negative impact on the image of the communes and their residents as it indicates discrimination against a certain group due to their sexual preferences.

One of the communes that became a victim of Bart Staszewski’s disinformation campaign is Tuszów Narodowy.

It should also be emphasised here that the Regional Court in Rzeszów ordered Bart Staszewski to place information on his website and Facebook profile that he is the subject of a lawsuit filed by the Niebylec commune (supported by the League). Bart Staszewski in his social media statements initially denied having received such an order, and then posted the information with an error, and after another reminder from us, posted the correct information. So there is no question of his “win” when a few months ago he boasted when the same Regional Court in Rzeszów rejected our motion requesting security for claims. As it turns out, the League’s strategy of persistent pursuit of the goal is effective.


On March 29, 2019, the councillors of the Tuszów Narodowy commune adopted the “position of the Tuszów Narodowy commune council on stopping the LGBT ideology”, in which they express their attachment to traditional values and the will to raise children in accordance with the will of their parents, without the influence of political correctness. The authorities of the Tuszów commune strongly emphasize that with the adopted position, there is no question of any discrimination against anyone, or exclusion of anyone from a community.

On July 29, 2020, Bart Staszewski posted, on his social media profiles, a photo of a road sign with the name of the town of Tuszów Narodowy with a sign underneath it that looks deceptively like official signs with the multilingual phrase “LGBT-Free Zone.” Such a photo also appeared on the website administrated by Staszewski –

The publication of the photo reverberated through the Internet and traditional media.
“Words of condemnation started pouring into the commune through all news channels, questions about how we can discriminate against people, why we are racist, etc. There were a lot of hateful emails, phone calls, not only expressing condemnation for the fact that we are supposedly an ‘LGBT-Free Zone’, but also outright hatred directed at me, the authorities and the residents of the commune.” – the Tuszów Narodowy Commune Head, Andrzej Głaz, informed.

In a lawsuit supported by the Polish League Against Defamation, the Tuszów Narodowy commune demands that Bart Staszewski apologize and publish a correction in all media in which he published information claiming that Tuszów Narodowy is an “LGBT-Free Zone.”

An extremely important issue related to the campaign led by Bart Staszewski is that this
deceptive campaign involving the placement of signs with the words “LGBT-Free Zone” proves how easy it is to spread misinformation, which is then accepted by the public as fact. The vast majority of recipients will not take the trouble to check whether the information presented is true.
They believe beforehand that “LGBT-Free Zones” exist. Furthermore, when people in countries, such as France, England, or Belgium, see a sign that says “LGBT-Free Zone,” they associate it with the colonial experience of those countries or, in the case of the United States, with racial segregation. The Staszewski’s campaign simply depicts Poland as an apartheid country, which is not and cannot be accepted.

There are no “LGBT-Free Zones” in Poland, and the pursuit of the truth in court by the defamed local governments is an uphill task, but it gives the opportunity to counter the false information spread by Bart Staszewski that damages the reputation of the communes.

We hope that the outcome of the court proceedings will be favourable for the Tuszów Narodowy commune.

The League provides legal assistance also to other Polish local governments where Bart Staszewski conducted his “campaigns.” These are the Zakrzówek and Niebylec communes.

As we reported in February this year, the Regional Court in Rzeszów issued a decision and acknowledged that the Niebylec commune is entitled to security and ordered the defendant Bartosz Staszewski to place an appropriate statement on his website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles during the trial for infringement of moral rights. According to the court decision, the statement is to be published so that a person accessing the aforementioned websites will immediately see it.

After a long time, we lived to see Bart Staszewski comply with the court’s ruling. The creator of the “LGBT-Free Zones” disinformation campaign posted the court-indicated statement on the said websites and social media.



The posted statement:

“In connection with the content placed on this website concerning the Niebylec Commune, proceedings are pending against Bartosz Staszewski for the protection of personal rights before the Regional Court in Rzeszów.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends and Supporters of the Polish League Against Defamation!

We exist solely because of your support and financial donations. Thank you very much for that and I would like to kindly remind and inform you that we have started the campaign “Mrs. Filomena is fighting for the truth and her family’s good name.” I kindly ask you to join in and disseminate this form of regular support for our projects, also among your friends, relatives and acquaintances.

Yours sincerely,
Maciej Świrski


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Notice Regarding the Liberation of Auschwitz

Polish League Against Defamation issues a notice and a warning in connection with the upcoming anniversary of the Red Army entering Auschwitz:

In the past, anniversary articles appallingly frequently used the phrases “Polish death camp Auschwitz” or “Polish concentration camp Auschwitz”.

The phrase “Polish death camp” is an example of hate speech using the Holocaust denial against the Poles because of racial and national prejudice.

The death camp in Auschwitz was established in 1940 by Germany within the territory of Poland that was occupied by the Third Reich at the time, in the wake of the German invasion of Poland in September 1939. Initially, the camp was intended to exterminate Polish intelligentsia. Afterwards, Auschwitz became the venue of mass extermination of Jews.

Since September 1939 the Polish government was in exile – first in France, later in the United Kingdom, and it had no jurisdiction on the territory under the German occupation. According to the Hague Convention, the liability for the events taking place within the occupied territory lies with the occupant. The 1939-1945 genocide of Poles, Jews, Roma people and other nations in concentration and death camps located within the territory of Poland occupied by Germany was effected in the atmosphere of indifference on the side of the anti-Nazi Allied Forces. Polish authorities notified the world many times about the genocide committed by the Germans.

Poland had the most extensive resistance movement – both military and civil – out of all countries in the Europe occupied by the Germans. The authorities of the Polish underground state organisation issued and carried out death sentences imposed on anyone who tried to join in the German campaign to persecute Jews.

Within the occupied Polish territory, the Germans introduced a death penalty for assisting Jews – for hiding them and supporting them in any way. The penalty was imposed on entire families – adults and children. Despite that fact, Poles did help their Jewish compatriots. Thousands of Poles were killed by the Germans for helping Jews. German concentration and death camps located within Polish territory, including Auschwitz, were German institutions, with German state personnel, completing German economic and political tasks.

This is why the Polish League Against Defamation would like to remind you on the occasion of the anniversary of the Red Army entering Auschwitz that the proper name of the Auschwitz camp is “German Nazi death camp Auschwitz”. The designation “German Nazi concentration/death camp” also pertains to the other camps established by the Germans within the territory of occupied Poland.

There were no “Polish concentration camps”. Next to Jews, Polish people were also victims of the genocide committed by the Germans. As a consequence of the war waged by the Germans, Poland lost almost 20% of its pre-war population. The designation “Polish concentration camps” is an “Auschwitz lie” – it leads people to believe that it were not the Germans who caused the Holocaust.

The Polish League Against Defamation would like to warn that it will sue the editors and journalists who will use the phrase “Polish death camp”, “Polish concentration camp”, or other similar phrases.

Maciej Swirski
President of the Polish League Against Defamation

The last hearing in the trial against prof. Jan Grabowski and prof. Barbara Engelking

On January 12, 2021 at 2 p.m. in the District Court in Warsaw, Al. Solidarności 127, the last hearing in the trial against Prof. Jan Grabowski and Prof. Barbara Engelking in the action brought about by Ms. Filomena Leszczyńska for the protection of the personal rights of her uncle, the late Edward Malinowski, who was described in the book ” It Is Still Night” as “complicit in the murder of Jews” during World War II. Prof. Barbara Engelking is the author of the chapter in which such – in our opinion – false information is to be found, she is also the editor of the entire book, together with Prof. Jan Grabowski, who is the content editor of this book.

During the trial, three hearings have been held so far, all the witnesses and the plaintiff, ie Ms Filomena Leszczyńska, have already been heard. At the next hearing, Prof. Barbara Engelking and Prof. Jan Grabowski will be questioned and the closing speeches will be given.

Let us recall: According to Filomena Leszczyńska, the authors of the publication “It Is Still Night” presented false information about one of the Polish heroes – Edward Malinowski, who  hid Jews during WWII. Barbara Engelking and Jan Grabowski in their book called him complicit in the death of Jews. The “Reduta Dobrego Imienia” foundation is defending Edward Malinowski’s good name by supporting his niece in the trial against the authors and providing legal assistance. Edward Malinowski, uncle of Filomena Leszczyńska was presented in  excerpts of the publication “It Is Still Night” as “complicit in the death of several dozen Jews who were hiding in the forest near Malinów and were turned over to the Germans.” The lawsuit indicated that the publication by Grabowski and Engelking presented a false version, and such actions harm the personal rights of not only his niece, but every Pole.

During the Second World War, Edward Malinowski, described in the defendants’ publication, according to the sentence passed in 1950, concealed Jews. In 1943, Edward Malinowski was appointed by the Germans, as Head of the Malinów village. This function was also associated with being a hostage – if  it  was discovered that Jews were being hidden by anyone in the village, the hostage was killed. One day in 1943, the Germans came to his village to search for Jews in shelters in a nearby forest. They ordered the gamekeeper from Czerna (a nearby village) to be brought, and after his arrival they went with Malinowski the village Head and a few other people from the village to the forest,  ordering the peasants accompanying them to take shovels. In the forest, the Germans, using the information obtained from the gamekeeper, found the underground shelter and killed the Jews hiding there. After World War II, Edward Malinowski was arrested by the Communist Security Service as a result of a neighbour’s denunciation and charged with the murder of Jews. After the trial in which some of the the Jews he hid testified, Malinowski was  acquitted.

In the publication “Itis still night”, Barbara Engelking, describing the fate of one of the Jewish women (M. Wiltgren) who was hidden by Edward Malinowski, she wrote that “he is complicit in the death of several dozen Jews who were hiding in the forest and were turned over to the Germans.” At the same time, in the source data, in a footnote to this fragment of the book, the author quoted the files of Malinowski’s trial from 1950 in such a way that the reader would not know that Malinowski  hid and fed her for no payment. During the trial, it also turned out that Barbara Engelking, either deliberately or due to, carelessness, merged  several people named Malinowski who lived in this village during World War II in to one person – Edward Malinowski. Additionally, the professors relied on a recording made by M. Wiltgren in 1996. According to the claimant, the researchers did not confront her story with another available biography. The files of the Institute of National Remembrance contain the files of Maria Wiśniewska, who, in 1947, signed a contract for paid collaboration  with the Communist Security Office, and the Institute of National Remembrance has preserved her file entitled “personal files of a civilian employee of the Security Office”. In these files Maria Wiltgren (then known as Maria Wiśniewska) also presented her biography .

“It should also be emphasized that the information about Edward Malinowski in the book” It is Still Night “comes – as the defendant professors claim – from the testimony of Maria Wiltgren (formerly Maria Wiśniewska), submitted in 1996. However, Maria Wiltgren mentions in her testimony  two different Edward Malinowskis, because during World War II she met two people who had the same name and surname (Edward Malinowski), but they were two completely different individuals.

In this case, a very solid verification of historical sources should have been  carried out. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the authors of “It is Still Night” did not do this, slandering an innocent man, and in doing so, harm the personal rights of not only the niece herself, but every Pole – emphasizes Maciej Świrski, President of” Reduta Dobrego Imienia”, who supports Filomena Leszczyńska in fighting for her uncle’s good name. Filomena Leszczyńska, with the support of RDI, demands, among other things – removing the effects of infringement of personal rights, by the public submission of declarations and compensation in the amount of PLN 100,000. “Reduta Dobrego Imienia” not only supports Filomena Leszczyńska moraly, but also financially, i.e. by incurring the costs of this case (fees of lawyers, Courts, administrative as well as those of experts and historians).

RDI launched a special website where the entire course of the case is described.

The Commune of Zakrzówek, with the financial and legal support of the ”Polish League Against Defamation” foundation is filing a claim with the District Court in Lublin for the protection of personal rights against Mr. Bart Staszewski.

The Commune of Zakrzówek, with the financial and legal support of the ”Polish League Against Defamation” foundation is  filing a claim with the District Court in Lublin for the protection of personal rights against Mr. Bart Staszewski.


The Zakrzówek Commune accuses Bart Staszewski of infringing the Commune’s personal rights. The defendant was responsible for conducting the action “LGBT-free zones in Poland”, which consisted of  placing a board with the multilingual inscription “LGBT-free zone” under the official road signs with the name of the place, then publishing photos with such – unlawfully placed and which looked official – signs, in his social media and the portal he runs in English and Polish and


“We decided to take legal action against Mr. Staszewski because his description of our Commune as a ‘LGBT free zone’ is a lie,  he suggests that there is discrimination or segregation of people in our Commune. Nothing like that happens here”says the Head of the Zakrzówek Commune, Józef Potocki. “The Zakrzówek Commune welcomes everyone, tourists and investors, we are not prejudiced against anyone. The fact that Mr. Staszewski ascribes to us such negative and commonly condemned traits, is not only harmful and defamatory to the authorities of the Commune, but also to our the inhabitants. Mr. Staszewski carried out his action – as he himself writes on his website – because the Zakrzówek Commune Council adopted a pro-family declaration in which – like most of the inhabitants – it supports traditional family values. There is no mention of a “LGBT free zone”. Mr. Staszewski, interpreting the document adopted by the Council, abuses  freedom of speech, by presenting the Zakrzówek Commune as a place of hate – the more so, because on his website he also refers to the ‘Atlas of Hate’.


The appearance of the information that Zakrzówek as a “LGBT-free zone” attracted many malicious, hateful comments both to the authorities and residents, on the Internet and via traditional means of communication as well.

“This situation meant that both the good name and image of the Commune were damaged. This, in turn, affects the perception of the inhabitants of our Commune by other Polish citizens. Questions – over the phone, via the Internet, which appeared after the defendant’s publication of the alleged “LGBT-free zone” clearly showed that people believed this false information and based on it, formed their opinion about the residents and authorities “- adds the attorney-at-law Michał Wiliński, representing the Zakrzówek Commune together with the representatives of the “Polish League Against Defamation” foundation.


The lawsuit presents the facts which are that – Bart Staszewski placed a false sign resembling an official road sign with the words “LGBT-free zone” in several languages, including English, below the road sign marking the built-up area and with the name of the town. He posted a photo of this sign on his Facebook profile, along with a pseudo-interview with the Commune’s elected head Józef Potocki, in which, he selectively quoted his statements. The overall tone of this Facebook post presents the Commune as a place where people are discriminated against on the basis of their sexual preferences. According to the Plaintiffs, this is a false accusation and a malicious misinterpretation of the document adopted by the Municipal Council, as well as an attempt to limit the freedom of speech, by publishing false and intimidating information.


The “Polish League Against Defamation” foundation supports the Zakrzówek Commune in its fight for  their good name. Maciej Świrski, President of PLAD, says:

“First and foremost it must be clearly stated that LGBT free zones in Poland are the figment of Mr. Staszewski’s imagination. It should be noted that homosexuality in Poland was never illegal or punishable, wheras it was illegal in the UK until 1967, in the US finally in 2003 and Swtizerland in 1942. When it comes to Zakrzówek and the other places that Staszewski slanded in the same way this defamatory information, placed this town on a kind of ” list of shame “- because this is how it is perceived outside Poland, where such information spreads quickly as a sensation – which means that not only the personal rights of the Zakrzówek Commune are violated. There is also an important and by some overlooked aspect of the case: because Bart Staszewski falsely presented the Commune as a place of discrimination (in a manner similar to that of Hitler- after all, we are dealing here – in our opinion – with a deliberate use of analogies to the German term “Judenfrei”) in this way, hitting the economic interests of the Commune and its  inhabitants. This kind of information about a Commune, as a place of discrimination, deters tourists and investors from coming to the town and destroys the Commune’s reputation in the context of European Union funds. At the moment, there is an ongoing discussion in the European Union about linking the transfer of subsidies, with respecting specifically understood “human rights”. False and defamatory information about Zakrzówek as a “LGBT Free zone,” may mean that the Commune will have less chance of obtaining funds for its investments ”


“Polish League Against Defamation” is financing the case against Bart Staszewski, and supports  the Commune with its know-how and with media support. Further information on this matter will be released in the near future.


Maciej Świrski: Poland’s image is a matter of National security

Maciej Świrski: Wizerunek Polski to kwestia bezpieczeństwa narodowego

Za nami wybory prezydenckie, w których urzędujący prezydent Andrzej Duda został wybrany na drugą kadencję. Zwycięstwo Andrzeja Dudy to gwarancja kontynuacji „Dobrej Zmiany” – dobra zmiana. Znamienne jest, że zaraz po wyborach Prezydent witał wszystkich słowami: „Niech żyje Polska!”. Dołączamy do tego pozdrowienia, które powinno zjednoczyć wszystkich Polaków. W tym miejscu chcieliby Państwo opowiedzieć wywiadu, śpimy prezesa Maciej Świrski, „Reduty, Dobrego Imienia” udzielił gazecie „Nowy Dziennik”. Nawiązuje do nie interesy Polski i wyjaśnień, jak znaleźć wizerunek Polski za granicą.
Kilka dni temu prestiżowy dziennik polonijny „Nowy Dziennik”, który ukazuje się w Stanach Zjednoczonych, opublikował obszerny wywiad z Maciejem Świrskim, prezesem Reduty Dobrego Imienia ( swirski-dla-nowego-dziennika- kwestia-wizerunku-polskiego-is-a-national-security-issue). Wydawana od 1971 r. Gazeta (obecnie tygodnik) największego największego i najbardziej prestiżowego medium w USA. Redagowane i wydawane w Nowym Jorku, a obecnie w New Jersey, jest główne źródło informacji dla Polonii. Jej założycielem i pierwszym redaktorem naczelnym był słynny Bolesław Wierzbiański.
Działalność „Reduty Dobrego Imienia” (RDI) cieszy się coraz większym zainteresowaniem Polaków ubiegających się za granicą.Szczególnie społeczność polska w Stanach Zjednoczonych obserwuje i wspiera walkę fundacji o dobre imię Polski i Polaków, na czele, w której znajduje się Maciej Świrski. Dlatego w opublikowanym raporcie „Możliwości przeciwdziałania zniesławieniu na platformach streamingowych, takich jak Netflix” po raz kolejny podejmujeto temat skutecznych sposobów ochrony wizerunku Polski.
Na początku wywiadu Maciej Świrski przypomniał, że RDI reaguje na wszystkie przejawy mowy nienawiści czy kłamstwa pojawiające się w przestrzeni publicznej na temat historii Polski, aw 2019 roku podjęto 275 takich interwencji, z czego aż 70% pozytywny wpływ.
Zapytany o „raport Netflixa” podkreślił, że jest to profesjonalna i intelektualna reakcja na powtarzane w produkcjach filmowych kłamstwa o historii Polski.RDI chciał zdiagnozować problem stojący za potężną branżą, która ma wpływ na życie na młodych pokoleń. Maciej Świrski zwróć uwagę na ciągłą odnowienie imienia polskiego, natomiast ustalony konsensus badań, zwłaszcza w USA, oomym „współudziale Polski w Holokauście” i jest to wyraźnie odczuwalne w kulturze popularnej i Media masowe. Przypomniał, że „Art. 5 traktatu NATO ma charakter stricte polityczny, kwestia wizerunku Polski, kwestia w USA, kwestia bezpieczeństwa narodowego. Nikt nie będzie chciał nam, Polakom, pomóc w czasie agresji, jeśli uważamy się za sprawców Holokaustu. I z tego punktu widzenia należy spojrzeć na działalność różnych osób i grup, które piszą i mówią o „polskiej winie za Holokaust”.To przesłanie przesłanie ma – prezesa RDI – zniszczyć sojusz polsko-amerykański. „Kto na tym skorzysta, nie trzeba wyjaśniać. Musimy z całych sił przeciwstawić się temu, przyjęty trwałą niepodległość Polski ”.
Zdaniem Macieja Świrskiego obecność w popkulturze treści wypaczających historię Polski ma wpływ na opinie o Polakach, a co za tym idzie, na bezpieczeństwo narodowe Polski. Powiedzenie takie, jak to się dzieje, czy to tutaj, czy to tutaj, czy to naprawdę niebezpieczne, ponieważ jest jeden z elementów wojny komunikacyjnej z Polską. „Przez ponad 45 lat Polska znajdowała się za żelazną kurtyną pod okupacją sowiecką.Kolejne 25 lat okresu postkomunistycznego nie sprzyjało temu, aby prawdziwy przekaz o Polsce pojawił się w USA – z wyjątkiem Polonii – bo od wielu lat imperium medialne, które umownie nazywamy ” Czerskiej ”(siedziba imperium Gazety Wyborczej), a zjawisko„ pedagogiki wstydu ”dało wiążącą interpretację historii Polski.
Świrski przypomina o konieczności zapewnienia odpowiednich dróg komunikacji ze światem dziennikarzy i decydentów, a to wymaga dostosowania przekazu do ich możliwości percepcyjnych, czyli poprawności politycznej. “I dlatego należy używać języka poprawności politycznej, protestując przeciwko lub uświadamiając dziennikarzom takie kwestie jak” polskie obozy koncentracyjne “. Zrozumiałem, że tak było na początku działań RDI – kiedy pisałem protesty o używaniu określeń typu „polskie obozy” z odniesieniami do polskiego bohaterstwa, czy prawdy o II wojnie światowej – nikogo to nie interesowało, nie było odpowiedzi. Zaczęło się pojawiać dopiero, gdy wymyśliłem formuła: „Użycie wyrażenia„ polski obóz koncentracyjny ” w zależności od mediów i kraju, w którym dochodzi do pomówienia. Ale to jest metoda, której należy użyć, aby zostać wysłuchanym. I tu muszę natychmiast interweniować, zanim zostanie oskarżony o popieranie poprawności politycznej – nie, walczę z nią własną bronią, docierając do ich sumień z jedynym zrozumiałym przesłaniem. Powstańcy warszawscy w 1944 r. W ten sam sposób posługiwali się bronią niemiecką, bo ją zdobyli i była skuteczna – analogia może szokująca, ale trafna. w zależności od mediów i kraju, w którym dochodzi do pomówienia. Ale to jest metoda, której należy użyć, aby zostać wysłuchanym. I tu muszę natychmiast interweniować, zanim zostanie oskarżony o popieranie poprawności politycznej – nie, walczę z nią własną bronią, docierając do ich sumień z jedynym zrozumiałym przesłaniem. Powstańcy warszawscy w 1944 r. W ten sam sposób posługiwali się bronią niemiecką, bo ją zdobyli i była skuteczna – analogia może szokująca, ale trafna.
Na zakończenie wywiadu Maciej Świrski przypomniał o szeroko zakrojonych kampaniach dziennikarskich RDI, w tym nagrywaniu podcastów, wydawaniu internetowego magazynu „Reduta Online”, prowadzeniu stron na Facebooku i profilu na Twitterze. Zaapelował również o wsparcie finansowe dla działalności Reduty Dobrego Imienia
. Cały wywiad
Ponadto we wczorajszym numerze tygodnika „Sieci” ukazał się tekst Prezesa RDI pt. „Kiedy skończy się noc w badaniach prof. Grabowskiego nad Holokaustem? “Maciej Świrski pisał w nim o tym, jak odkrył RDI, mechanizm powstawania – naszym zdaniem -” błędy metodologiczne “profesora.

Reduta’s intervention sent to Philosophy Now

Do tych których można dotyczyć

W wyniku naszej interwencji redakcja Philosophy Teraz ogłosiła, że ​​w czasie lotu opublikuje wyjaśnienie i przeprosiny. Nasza interwencja związana z fałszywą tezą zawartą w artykule „Ci, którzy usprawiedliwiają ludobójstwo” ( Autor tekstu Michael McManus stwierdził, że w czasie II wojny światowej istniały „polskie szwadrony śmierci”.


W cytowanym artykule autor cytował z książki Christophera Browninga Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland, której historiak opisał mordowanie Żydów na Lubelszczyźnie (części okupowanej Polski) przez 101. Policję Rezerwową. Batalion. Batalion składał się z niemieckich policjantów z Hamburga i to oni popełnili zbrodnie na Żydach. Jednak z analogoś powodu McManus nazwał takie jednostki „polskimi szwadronami śmierci”. W Reducie wysłaliśmy listę do redakcji, w którym zażądaliśmy sprostowania i przeprosin.



Anti-defamation possibilities on platforms such as Netflix

Możliwości zaakceptowania zniesławieniu na platformach takie jak Netflix

„Możliwości przeciwdziałania zniesławieniu na platformach streamingowych, takich jak Netflix”, najnowszego raportu Reduty Dobrego Imienia (RDI), opublikowanego dzisiaj. Zdaniem autorów skutecznym sposobem na trwałą zmianę wizerunku polskiego i polaków jest zapewnienie zarządzania platformami strumieniowymi historycznymi produkcjami filmowymi na poziomie Hollywood. Pozwoli to ci Polskiemu na bezprecedensową kartę kreować nowoczesną i skuteczną historię historyczną dla naszego kraju.


„Według analiz prawnych zawartych w Raporcie, zdaniem Macieja Świrskiego, prezesa Reduty Dobrego Imienia w Stanach Zjednoczonych, stosowanie radykalnych form protestu przeciwko obrażającym Polaków treściom, jakim są procesy, ma niewielkie szanse powodzenia. Dlatego postępowanie w sądzie, a co za tym idzie, otwarty konflikt z producentami Hollywood z Polski jest niekorzystny i wizerunkowy dla Polski. „Dlatego autorzy raportu znaleźli inne rozwiązania zapewniające skuteczne i trwałe usuwanie przekazów, które przedstawiają Polskę w negatywnym świetle.


Platformy streamingowe to medium internetowe, które dzięki rewolucyjnym technologiom umożliwia dostęp do treści wideo na niespotykaną dotąd skalę. Szybki rozwój tej branży wynika z konieczności natychmiastowego udostępniania wydarzeń jak największej liczbie osób. Ułatwiają to ogólnie dostępne środki techniczne. Przyszłość środków masowego przekazu będzie należała do globalnych firm streamingowych, które w większości przypadków będą poza zasięgiem rządów i będą coraz bardziej ingerować w życie każdego, kto ma dostęp do Internetu.


Rozwój streamingu to także poważne wyzwanie dla Państwa Polskiego. Musi przygotować się na zmiany jakościowe i technologiczne, zwłaszcza że będą one miały coraz większy wpływ na życie następnego pokolenia. Dlatego przekazywanie przyszłym pokoleniom polskiego kodu kulturowego przy użyciu najnowocześniejszych mediów strumieniowych jest nie tylko ważne, ale staje się coraz bardziej pilne.


70-stronicowy dokument zawiera między innymi analizę pięciu największych platform streamingowych na świecie: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Hulu i Disney +. Pod względem występowania wadliwych kodów pamięci, zniekształceń dotyczących historii Polski przeanalizowano łącznie 557 filmów fabularnych i 47 dokumentów. Według ekspertów, którzy skomponowali raport, odpowiedzialność za szkodliwe wypowiedzi i przekazy w analizowanych produkcjach spoczywa przede wszystkim na twórcach filmów: producentach, reżyserach, scenarzystach i dokumentalistach zbierających materiały do ​​swoich produkcji.


Raport zawiera również dogłębną analizę biznesu strumieniowego, pokazując jego rosnący potencjał i możliwości oddziaływania w kontekście polskich intencji i produkcji filmów historycznych. Eksperci zwracają uwagę na niebezpieczeństwa, które w niedalekiej przyszłości pozwolą na wykreowanie przekazu medialnego, którego odbiorca doświadczy fabuły w sposób dostosowany do jego percepcji i preferencji. Powiązanie takich technologii z mediami społecznościowymi jest nieuniknione, a wtedy zjawisko tzw. Baniek informacyjnych będzie dalej wzmacniane.


Będą w nich nie tylko grupy i społeczności, ale także pojedyncze osoby oglądające spersonalizowane historie dostarczane na ich ekrany przez dostawców treści. Zagrożenia, które wtedy się pojawią, będą ogromne, zwłaszcza dla Narodów, które nie mają globalnych wpływów i / lub których języki nie są powszechnie znane. Technologia tego rodzaju grozi dezintegracją wspólnoty kulturowej, nieuchronnym intelektualnym spłaszczeniem treści i jej globalną cenzurą, zatem wymknie się spod kontroli jakiegokolwiek państwa narodowego. Niewątpliwie Polska również musi zmierzyć się z tym wyzwaniem, zarówno pod względem prawnym, jak i organizacyjnym. Inaczej, początek tego, co już widać, transfer polskiego kodu kulturowego może zniknąć zupełnie.


Raport RDI zawiera również dział prawny, w którym opinie uwzględniają skuteczność procesów sądowych przeciwko firmom streamingowym. Ten rozdział zawiera profesjonalne analizy możliwych pozwów o zniesławienie w Stanach Zjednoczonych i Polsce. Ich autorami są dr Monika Brzozowska-Pasieka oraz Kancelaria Paul R. Kenney, LLC. ze Stanów Zjednoczonych. Zdaniem autorów raportu należy pamiętać – jak pokazują powyższe analizy prawne – że w Stanach Zjednoczonych stosowanie radykalnych form polskiego protestu wobec treści obrażających Polaków, czyli procesów, ma niewielkie szanse. sukcesu, a jednocześnie może zrujnować wizerunek naszego kraju.

Zalecenie RDI jest takie, że jedynym sposobem skutecznego wpływania na platformy streamingowe jest nawiązywanie osobistych relacji z ludźmi, którzy zarządzają ich treściami. Tylko dzięki kontaktom osobistym oferta programu w Polsce może uzyskać większy dostęp niż dotychczas. Niemniej jednak oferowane produkcje historyczne muszą mieć prawdziwie hollywoodzką jakość. Polska musi również przygotować się na nadchodzące nowe zmiany jakościowe i technologiczne w branży streamingowej. Będzie to miało ogromny wpływ na życie młodego pokolenia.


„Od utraty polskiej tożsamości płyty nas tylko jedno pokolenie – to jest pokolenie, nie przekażemy naszej tożsamości. Platformy streamingowe są więc z jednej strony uwagi do pilnowania polskich treści, az drugiej zagrożeniem – wybory Maciej Świrski, prezes RDI. Dlatego przygotowaliśmy niniejszy raport dotyczący ekspercki, wydanie końcowe rekomendacji jest konieczność uruchomienia, które będą efektem wsparcia zarządzania platformami streamingowymi, z historycznymi produkcjami filmowymi na poziomie Hollywood. Na wielkie zaznaczenie dla Państwa Polskiego.