Against German Hans G. (Surname hidden due to the Polish Criminal Law), using hate speech towards Poles/2017/ ongoing

Since January 2017, the Regional Court in Gdańsk has considered a case against the violation of personal rights, including the right to freedom from hate speech, the right to national pride, and the right not to be discriminated against because of one’s political affiliation or national origin.

When she worked for POS SYSTEM, a company operating in Pomerania, Poland, Natalia N. was verbally attacked for a few months by Hans G., (German) owner of the company, who intentionally used phrases that infringed on her personal and national rights. In his conversations, he used expressions used by Germans in relation to Poles during the occupation between 1939 and 1945, including Nazi terminology, and openly showed his hatred to Polish people.

Hans G. referred to Poles using such offensive vocabulary as “shit”, “idiots”, “I hate these idiots”, “idiot Polack”, “suckers”, “better is Africa”, “fucking stupid country”, “should I stand them on the wall [pretends to shoot] Kill them? I wanted, I want! No problem for me! I would kill every Polack, scheiss egal”, and to the female employee he said “I would put you in a line together with PiS and shoot you all”, “you’re stupid because you listen to Kaczyński”, “fucking PiS supporter”, “crazy fascist”.

The legal action is handled by best Polish lawyers specialising in personal rights protection, namely Monika Brzozowska-Pasieka and Jerzy Pasieka from the Pasieka, Derlikowski, Brzozowska and Partners law firm.

Polish League Against Defamation has been actively involved in the lawsuit and has provided the victim with legal aid.