Letter to Jonathan S. Tobin in defence of the good name of the Home Army

Dear Mr Tobin,

The following statement “far from systematically helping the Jews, the Home Army was openly hostile to them.” in your article titled “Must Jews and Poles keep fighting about the Holocaust?” published on the following websites:


is a lie and defamation of the Polish State.

Dissemination of such a thesis without providing evidence is a serious distortion of historical facts.

During the Second World War, Poland was conquered by Germany, and the Polish government was the only one among the occupied countries that did not cooperate with the German regime. There was no peace treaty between Poland and Nazi Germany. There were no institutions representing Polish society and the Polish Nation, which supported the policy of the occupant.

On the contrary. In occupied Poland, the Polish Underground State was established, i.e. the largest resistance movement in Europe with extensive secret political and military structures aimed at fighting the Nazi occupier. Those structures were subordinate to the Polish Government-in-exile (first in France, and later in England). Part of the Polish Underground State was the Home Army (Armia Krajowa), which had about 380,000 soldiers and was the largest underground army in occupied Europe.

The Home Army operated under the conditions of conspiracy under occupation. Due to the circumstances of their activity as well as the difficult conditions of the occupation, Home Army was not able to provide security for people of Polish nationality.

Nevertheless, the Home Army actively participated in the creation of a special, secret organization – Żegota – a Polish underground organization that helped Jews on a mass scale (forging 50-60 thousand IDs, financial benefits, housing and medical treatment, helping children, etc.). It was the only such organization in occupied Europe.

The Home Army executed the death sentences of the Polish Underground State on German collaborators, including those who were denunciating and blackmailing Jews in order to gain material benefits.

The Home Army under the code name „Ghetto Action” supported the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising to a large extent, providing arms to the insurgents, carrying out subversive and combat training as well as armed and rescue operations (liberation of Jews from the Gęsiówka concentration camp).

Soldiers of the Home Army carried out attacks on German war criminals responsible for mass murders on the Polish and Jewish population.

The cases of anti-Semitism in the Home Army were a margin ruthlessly condemned and fought, and the executions of the Jewish officers of the Soviet regime after the WWII were acts of self-defense against the new invader, not the result of racial or religious prejudices.

Having that in mind, we demand that you stop distributing lies and slanders against Poland and Poles, remove already committed from all the mentioned media and publish a corrective note and apologies.

Polish League Against Defamation

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