– intervention in order to correct

A Spanish portal has published two articles containing the “Polish concentration camp”, which is a false term defaming Poland’s good name term. The editorial board of hasn’t corrected these words, and, what is more, it has referred to the mailing action, backed by volunteers and followers of the Polish League against Defamation. In the article accessible under the link: the text’s author, Margaryta Yakovenko, has described the massive e-mailing action addressed to the editorial board. In her article the Redoubt and its followers are referred to as “Polish ultranationalists”. According to the author, the editorial board received 300 e-mails every hour, which makes 3600 e-mails in 12 hours. We really appreciate and thank you for your involvement.

Unfortunately, the editorial board moves on, being reluctant to change the words „Polish concentration camps”. For the Spanish, the most important problem is the issue of the Institute of National Remembrance’s Act, which, supposedly, is the main cause of the massive e-mailing action. We remind you that the Redoubt has been sending such massive e-mails for a long time, and the most common result is that foreign editorial boards admit to have made a mistake. Margaryta Yakovenko avoids answering the question, if has really written untruth using the term „Polish concentration camps” and she applies a risky argument. You can deduct from the text that the fact of non existence of the “Polish camps” is only a question of the history version written by the “ultranationalist Prawo i Sprawiedliwość (Law and Justice) party”. For the Spanish, there are no historical facts and the published text is an example of attack not only against the Good Name Redoubt but also against the Polish government and the Poles.

Therefore, we have undertaken some further steps. We have sent a letter to the Polish Ambassador in Madrid, asking him for intervention, another one letter to the Spanish Journalists Associations and one to the Polish Journalists Association. We publish this correspondence below.