Poles who saved Jews

In response to multiple articles and comments suggesting that Poles are coresponsible for the Holocaust, we are starting the action „Out of the kindness of their heart! Poles who saved Jews”.  In a few coming weeks we are going to present stories of Poles who saved Jews risking their lives, as well as lives of their families. Many rescuers didn’t survive the Second World War, Germans killed many of them together with those whom they were trying to save. Stories, that we recall, were found in a a vast compilation by Janina Hera entitled “Poles rescuing the Jews. Dictionary” published by Neriton editions in 2014.

We have prepared graphics in two languages : Polish and English versions, they will be published on the Facebook profile of the Good Name Redoubt, on Twitter and on the website www (you can click on the links and download them in big size, good to copy, print etc.)

Please send it now to your friends, spread it in social media, publish on discussion forums of foreign media. We cannot forget those nameless Poles who have never been awarded medals, although they saved people out of the kindness of their heart… It’s our moral duty to talk about our fellow-countrymen and their stories also to those whose knowledge of the history of Poland and of the Second World War on our territory is very superficial.

Moreover, if similar stories happened in your families, please send them to our e-mail address: kontakt@reduta-dobrego-imienia.pl


Even though during World War 2 in the occupied Poland there was a death penalty for helping Jews, Poles were dedicated to rescuing Jews from extermination. Whole families were involved in helping Jews and sometimes several dozen people cooperated to help one Jew. Thousands of Poles were killed for hiding Jews, and to this day have remained nameless and forgotten. As many as 6706 Poles were awarded the Righteous Among the Nations medals.

They helped their neighbours out of the kindness of their hearts.