Andrew Caruk – imigrant z Kanady pisze…

It’s about time for a memorial in Ottawa for the victims of communism
– many of those have no graves to call their own. Communism is a cancerous God-less system that has perfected the methods of extermination and suppression of whole nations, by massive hunger, poverty and killing. Poland was one of those victims.

As a Polish-Canadian immigrant I am well aware of the 2 million innocent Polish victims that were transported by Stalin’s orders to Siberia in the early 1940’s. Taken abruptly from their homes and traveling in cattle cars under horrendous conditions they went to labour camps. The majority of them later died of starvation or disease.

Also, the hard core communist Stalin stabbed Poland in the back when he imprisoned about 22,000 of the most educated, patriotic and influential citizens in 1939 – mostly Polish officers. Of those, he had 4,400 massacred at the Katyn forest in 1940 by the NKVD (secret police) with a bullet to the back of the head, buried in mass graves and later had the crimes blamed on the Nazis. The rest of the victims have been unaccounted for – likely buried in still undiscovered mass graves.

We, as a multicultural society with people from other persecuted nations owe this much to the millions killed by communism: not to be afraid to name the perpetrators of these crimes. It is our moral duty. Let’s not allow history to repeat itself – for all that evil needs to survive and rise up again is to remain hidden and forgotten.

Dr Andrew Caruk
Kitchener, Ontario


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